Whenever there is a human crisis, it impacts the animals who share our lives. We saw it with Hurricane Katrina and many other natural disasters.

We’re seeing it with COVID-19 pandemic, too. According to a recent news report about conditions in New York City, animal shelters emptied as people heading into quarantine adopted pets to keep them company, but now they are filling up again as pet owners get sick or even die from the illness.

These stories are truly heartbreaking. Animals coming to shelters due to COVID-19 are established family pets, separated from their loved ones, confused, scared and often older. Animal welfare agencies are going to face a challenge in caring for these beloved creatures and finding them new, forever homes.

Thankfully, the world has a big heart for animals. Charities and foundations that help animals can use animal welfare public relations strategies to boost the signal, making sure these pets find love and care with new owners.

Tell Their Story

People connect with stories. More specifically, they connect with individual stories more than they do with the big picture. The plight of individual animals can serve to represent the problems facing all animals affected by COVID-19. If your animal welfare foundation wants to call attention to these animals, consider putting the camera on one or two creatures to help highlight the greater problem.

Make Giving Easy

Be sure to include a clear, easy call to action in everything you do. If you make it too hard for people to contribute, they probably won’t. Links should be included in social media posts, blogs and any other form of outreach.

Partner with a Pro

Consider finding professional partners to help get the word out about your cause. At Orange Orchard, we don’t just have experience promoting animal welfare foundations; we truly believe that all animals deserve the best life possible. Our expertise can boost this message, and together we can make sure all animals affected by COVID-19 lead happy, healthy lives.

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