Because ‘it’s the right thing to do’ isn’t enough

Most adults today grew up hearing an environmental message. “Reduce, reuse, recycle,” has been touted in elementary schools for decades.

So, why don’t more people live those values? Why don’t we see more widespread adoption of environmental best practices? Why are so many adults resistant to changing their habits to save the planet?

In an article in Huffington Post, Erin Schumaker quoted a survey saying that only half of adults recycle daily. The article went on to say,

Because the reward for recycling (saving the earth) and the repercussions for infrequently recycling (damaging the environment) aren’t necessarily immediate, it can be hard for people to make the association between their daily habits and those habits’ consequences.

Many environmental issues have the same communication problem. So, how can you boost the impact? An environmental public relations agency may have the answers your cause needs.

Make your message relevant

As much as we would like them to, the average person isn’t going to change their habits or contribute to a cause just because it’s the right thing to do. Your environmental message should give them a real-world reason to do so. Find a way to bring the impact of their actions home.

A public relations agency with plenty of experience with environmental causes can help you hone the message by:

  • Getting to know your audience. We can provide you with data showing who your target audience is and what’s important to them.
  • Finding the best reason. With your target audience in mind, we’ll find the reason that’s most likely to get them to take action and craft a memorable message around it.
  • Using the right channels. Will your message be received better on social media? Blogs? Magazines? Once we know your target audience, we’ll know where to best reach them.

Environmental messages can be a tough sell, so it’s vital to your cause to craft impactful messages that will not just change habits, but change hearts and minds as well.

Overcome the objections

An environmental public relations agency can also help you identify common objections to supporting your cause, whether you want people to reduce car trips or eat a plant-based diet.

This time, though, the ball is in your court. If people aren’t recycling because they don’t have access to recycling facilities, you can partner with local governments to offer more convenient options. If carbon emissions are your target, support more public transit and safer commuting by bike or on foot.

At Orange Orchard, we want to see environmental causes gain more traction, for habits like recycling and reducing trips to become habit for more people around the world. And we’re here to partner with environmental foundations and causes that aim to save our living planet. If your cause needs PR help, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online to find out more.