Great Ideas Can Go Global with Environmental PR

Sweeping environmental change starts small. It starts with a person who sees a problem and cares enough to take action. And sometimes that person’s small, localized efforts get a boost from others who can help, taking local to global and creating massive results.

One inspiring example is the Jane Goodall Institute. In 1960, Goodall ventured into Tanzania to study chimpanzees. Her scientific discoveries and her passion for saving chimpanzees from extinction launched the institute that bears her name, known all over the world for its work with chimps and the humans who live near them. Grants and donations account for 83% of the institute’s revenue.

But for an environmental effort to go global, it needs to capture the hearts and minds of everyday people. It needs to tell its story and let people know why they should care. That’s where a passionate environmental public relations agency comes in. Getting the word out about your environmental foundation is the first step towards the global stage, but if you partner with an agency that shares your mission they’ll go above and beyond.

One Great Idea

Urban Rivers’ Trashbot is a recent example of a great idea that’s starting small — and could build to something big. Along with efforts to establish wildlife habitat and recreational efforts on city waterways, the Chicago-based environmental nonprofit leads volunteer trash clean-ups on the Chicago River. Volunteers noticed that trash was accumulating faster than they could pick it up.

In response, the foundation developed the Trashbot, a remote-controlled, waterborne robot that can be piloted via smartphone or computer, gamifying litter clean-up and potentially keeping up with the problem.

Urban Rivers has a great idea brewing here, and they have solid corporate donor backing that will help them continue to innovate and share their great environmental ideas with others.

Tell Your Story

Are you ready to take your environmental message to the next level? Does your cause have massive benefits that can change the world? Like Urban Rivers with Trashbot and like Jane Goodall with her chimpanzees, achieving global change means telling your story, inspiring people to care and take action. An environmental public relations agency like Orange Orchard can help your environmental nonprofit foundation reach a wider audience, helping you make the kind of change that can really save our living planet. Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online to find out more.