Even as sections of the country open back up, it’s hard not to let continuing news of the COVID-19 pandemic get you down. People are hungry for good news to offset stressful times, and this means they want to hear about the positive things your green tech business doing in the world.

For example, Cruise, a self-driving vehicle startup in the Bay Area, initially idled its whole test fleet of vehicles once the area locked-down because of the pandemic. As reported in Forbes, though, the company used the opportunity to do good in the greater community by repurposing part of its fleet:

Cruise is one of several meal delivery services that are able to operate in the city as an “essential service” during the coronavirus pandemic by delivering meals to vulnerable residents unable to leave their home. Owned by General Motors GM, the company says that it heard from community partners that the demand for food was soaring during the emergency orders to stay home and food pantries required additional delivery support to meet this increased need to support vulnerable populations across the city.

“We had a fleet of all-electric, self-driving cars just sitting around–we thought this was a great way to put them to good use,” the company explained in an email to the press.

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