Ecotourism, by its very nature, aims to be an alternative to the commercialized and often destructive mainstream tourism industry. With less environmental impact and a much closer connection with the destination’s ecosystems and culture, another of the greatest charms of ecotourism is, well, dealing with fewer tourists.

However, to survive as an ecotourism destination, company or organization, you still need a steady, well-managed stream of ecotourists.

Not everyone is up for keeping a watchful eye over the footprint they leave behind, however, and attracting the right travelers can mean the difference between respectful preservation and irreverent destruction.

Partnering with an agency specialized in ecotourism public relations can help you locate your traveler avatars and engage them with your brand.

PR Strategy

To help zero in on your most valuable demographics, the ideal PR team can work with you to launch a three-pronged attack which includes:

Securing media coverage in the right publications: For some, casting a very wide net might work wonders for top-of-mind awareness. For ecotourism, a more targeted approach will net the best results. Afterall, the goal is not to be overrun by swaths of selfie-stick toting tourists but to have a steady flow of visitors who genuinely care about your specific slice of this beautiful planet. An agency experienced in ecotourism public relations can identify and connect with the publications your audience is reading, securing stories, bylines and briefs that will position you as a choice destination.

Providing engaging content every ecotourist can easily find: Ecotourists are a discerning bunch, and they know exactly what they’re looking for when searching for their next journey. Producing consistent blog posts with engaging, educational content is key to maintaining your next traveler’s attention, and an agency can help maximize your SEO to ensure your blog is found in the first place.

Targeting your future travelers directly via a focused social media strategy: From hyper-focused Facebook ads to choosing the right hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, delivering on social media is an absolute must. Tourism of any kind is a visual affair, and your future travelers will not only be searching for you on social media, but they’ll want to share their stories about your destination as soon as they can. Make sure you’re the adventure they choose to share with their connections.

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