While much has been written and said about the commitment of younger generations to save us all from the perils of Climate Change, it is also true that Millennials and Generation Z lead the charge to protect the world’s animals from a cruel existence.

But those groups aren’t the only audience clamoring for products that promote positive animal welfare. Over the past two decades, people of all ages have decided to choose cruelty-free cosmetics and have converted to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. Often, younger generations are opting for this lifestyle to support sustainability but many other consumers are just as interested in investing in animal welfare.

If your cruelty-free public relations plan is not reaching these generations or the 77 % of all consumers who say they are concerned with animal welfare in their food choices, you may be leaving a lot of cabbage on the table.

The online generations

In the past, public relations campaigns were confined to more traditional forms of earned media: if it didn’t happen on television, it didn’t happen.

But today’s youth are not the TV addicts that Boomers, or even some Generation X members, are. They spend most of their time – and get most of their news – from social media. If your cruelty-free product or service isn’t making a buzz online, it isn’t reaching the right audience.

Showing you care

The internet has also sparked generations of online sleuths. While Millennials and Gen Z are noted for their online presence, nearly all consumers are now more likely than not to research companies before doing business with them.

So, promoting your cruelty-free brand shouldn’t just be about words you say – it should also show how your brand is committed to animal welfare. Whether that’s being transparent in your ingredients or materials lists or your advocacy with animal rights groups, your story is more than just your name.

If you are vocal about your position and take action to show your dedication to the cause, you will be rewarded with loyal customers.

At Orange Orchard, we understand your need to build trust with the right audience and how to reach those audiences. As a cruelty-free PR agency, we want to live in a healthier, cleaner and kinder world. Our agenda is no secret and yours shouldn’t be, either.

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