If you’ve found this blog because you have an interest in learning how blogging can give your plant-based brand a big SEO boost, you’ve come to the right place!

Every business wants to drive more traffic to its website and gain more visibility. When done correctly by PR pros who understand plant-based public relations, consistent blog content can be a powerful tool to fine-tune your SEO and get more hits on searches.

Though managing blogs can seem daunting, they are a great way to warm up customers, new and old, to your business, establish yourself as an expert, and share your business updates with your customers.

Though these are all great reasons to spend time on providing quality content to your target audience via blogs, the real magic comes from the benefits blogging can have on your SEO.

How can blogging impact SEO and visibility?

  • As with anything, more eyes on your product is the end-goal. A well done, up to date stream of blogs can provide a consistent supply of content to then turn around and share on social media channels. By exposing your followers to riveting topics and providing relevant insight, your brand has the chance to gain exposure from potentials customers and fans who may not have found your page without the additional traction.
  • Blogs that make it easy for online searchers to get their questions answered are rewarded with better SEO. By using popular keywords, hitting the mark with buzzworthy topics, and providing relevant information, you’ll appear closer to the top of search engine results.

When done correctly, blogging can be a powerful tool. By gaining additional SEO, your plant-based brand will gain more visibility, remain relevant with like-minded customers, and ensure that your fans, no matter where they are, are able to find and contact you with ease. Instead of trying to develop blogs in house, trusting the right team of PR content pros to focus on managing your efforts is a great way to harness the advantages while focusing on what your brand does best.

The content professionals at Orange Orchard understand plant-based businesses and their customers. By working with the right team, understanding the importance of an up-to-date blog and the impact it can have on website traffic, social media following, and overall SEO for your business, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to get started. If you have questions or would like to learn more, give us a call at (865) 977-1973.