As the COVID-19 pandemic lays bare problems with the U.S. food chain and animal agriculture, it’s also created an opening for plant-based food brands to come to the fore. To capitalize on this opportunity, businesses need to consider partnering with Orange Orchard, a PR agency specializing in plant-based public relations.

Plant-based meat alternatives were already big business before the pandemic took root, but now even more consumers are being motivated to try the products out. Writing in Vox, Sigal Samuel explains how both temporary supply shortages and growing consciousness of public health issues related to industrial farming are giving people new reasons to limit their meat intake:

These two factors — spot shortages of animal products in stores and a growing awareness of the problems with our animal agriculture system — are likely driving an increase in retail sales of plant-based meat products during the pandemic. According to a recent Nielsen report, demand for these products has increased 278 percent since this time last year.

It’s not confined to meat. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports on the growing popularity of plant-based dairy alternatives — especially, oat milk — among consumers:

Oat milk has become a hot commodity, in part as coffee shop regulars have become home baristas. It topped a list of fastest-moving grocery items nationwide, with sales up 353 percent over last year, according to Nielsen data of consumer packaged goods for an eight-week period ending April 18.

With more mainstream consumers than ever exploring meat and dairy alternatives, brands must increase their visibility through comprehensive public relations efforts. Orange Orchard is ready to help. If you would like to learn more about how we can develop and implement a successful plant-based public relations strategy for your brand, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.