It’s a been a rough few months, hasn’t it? Our lives have been uprooted, and we’re all trying to adjust to the new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted industries, taken lives and left a permanent impact on society.

The pandemic — and a certain Netflix show about tigers — has shone a light on the wildlife trade. There are billions of dollars potentially coming through the exotic wildlife trade, and it’s time for it to come to an end.

The conversation has begun. By partnering with an animal welfare public relations agency, you can keep it going.

Exploitation comes in many forms

Buyers are shopping for exotic creatures for a number of reasons, whether it’s trophies, food or a hankering for an interesting pet. It’s up to welfare advocates and organizations to speak up for the voiceless. Wildlife shouldn’t be kept in a cage, mounted on a wall or worn around your shoulders like a Disney villain who’s just found a litter of puppies.

At Orange Orchard, we work with organizations that are actively working to put a stop to the illegal animal trade. Beyond that, they’re creating sanctuaries and safe spaces where these creatures won’t be poached or hunted or harmed.

Tell your story

Our team is one big mashup of animal lovers, content creators, media relations professionals, former journalists and social media strategists who can help you find a platform and get your message out to the masses.

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