It’s not easy being green.

Particularly when your green tech company is one of several competing for the visibility you need to attract clients, funding and other stakeholders.

And, while marketing and advertising might get you noticed in the short-term, your more long-term plans should include a steady green tech public relations strategy to help you shine amongst your peers.

Building Your Brand

Building a brand takes time but should be a crucial part of your green tech company’s overall business approach. Brand-building through PR works in conjunction with your advertising efforts and shouldn’t be left out of your marketing budget if you want the recognition you deserve.

Here are some important PR strategies that will get you noticed:

  1. Earned media placements. Earned media is media written by a third party and is far more trusted than paid advertisements. A good PR strategy can get you interviewed by both the news and trade media on topics related to your market.
  2. Writing relevant blog posts. Your blog should not be treated as paid advertising. Instead, use your blog to inform your target audience about subjects surrounding your green tech solutions. You will need to keep your blog updated, however. You can’t just write a blog post periodically and expect to make a splash.
  3. Showcasing your expertise on podcasts. Another way to get noticed is by discussing these topics on your own or others’ podcasts. Whether you’re presenting solutions on your own dime or allowing yourself to be interviewed by another popular podcaster, this medium can be a springboard for your company.
  4. Building a community on social media. Just like blogging, building a community on your social media channels requires a commitment to producing fresh information several times a week and then engaging with the community that follows you.
How PR Helps

While marketing can make sure you drive leads to your website or phone lines, its green tech PR that develops your brand, gets you noticed and expands your target audience through a content-driven megaphone.

PR is the art of building relationships through storytelling. And, studies have shown that PR helps validate your marketing campaigns by promoting your positive brand reputation. All the marketing in the world won’t help you solidify your brand, build goodwill and get your story out to potential clients without the inclusion of public relations.

So, if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next step by adding in some brand development through an  outreach and storytelling megaphone, it’s time to give Orange Orchard at call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.