There is a seemingly endless list of organizations and charities with worthy causes. However, each worthy mission is dependent on reaching a broad audience, and encouraging average people to donate their money, or time to help the organization move forward.

Using proven nonprofit public relations strategies can be a key factor for an organization that’s looking to establish credibility in their community, leading to more donations and volunteer support.

There are several ways an experienced public relations agency can help an organization earn the public’s trust.

Trust through earned media opportunities

If you’ve noticed other local charities getting on the news or in the newspaper, it’s not luck. Orange Orchard’s experienced team of media relations professionals have relationships with the reporters and podcasters who are interested in the work you do. Getting your organization’s name in the media through press releases and interview opportunities will allow their audiences to become familiar with your name and brand.

Strong social media presence

Before people are willing to donate their money or time to an organization, they’re likely going to do a Facebook or Instagram search. Frequent posts about the work you are doing within the community is a good sign. It shows that the organization is serious about their mission and can be trusted. By engaging with your followers, your content will likely reach a wider audience as they will share your posts.

Community events

The best way to reach the community you serve is by going directly to them. Attending speaking engagements or hosting large community events will position your organization as an expert. People are more likely to trust your nonprofit if they can interact with the people running it and see that they are like-minded people who want to help the community.

If done properly, these strategies will lead to more people in your local community trusting your organization, more donation dollars, and more volunteers. And that will empower your nonprofit to help more people and achieve your mission.

If you’re ready to see how nonprofit public relations can help build trust with the people you serve, give Orange Orchard a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit us online today.