According to IBIS World there are over 50,000 PR agencies in the US. The reality is that a large number of these can likely serve your needs. But do these firms truly understand the plant-based public relations your brand needs to build trust in your market?

One key differentiator we at Orange Orchard stand behind is our commitment to the environment. We are proud to work closely with a variety of animal rights, plant-based and sustainable brands.

We are thrilled to be backing missions we truly believe in.

An advantage of working with an agency who has a demonstrated understanding of your values truly understanding the audience and trends. Not only will the agency have an understanding, but they will have the passion to back the know-how.

Many members of the Orange Orchard team practice vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets as well as responsible consumer behaviors and reducing our impact on the environment.

With all of this in mind, when we here about an exciting idea or update from our plant-based clients, we are all in. We work closely to figure out the best way to make the most buzz out of updates like a key new hire, big partnership, acquisitions or other news. We strategize a game-winning media outreach strategy to build momentum and trust within your targeted space and will keep you posted along the way.

Choosing the right agency to partner with is not an easy choice.

Working with an agency with a proven record or success and the passion to back it is a great place to start. Selecting PR representation is exciting and the agency you work with should echo that excitement.

For more questions about Orange Orchard and plant-based public relations, please reach out to us at (865)977-1973.