Do you remember the last time you saw a local news segment about overcrowded animal shelters? If you were moved to donate or adopt a pet, then you understand the impact of media exposure.

For the Humane Society of the United States, harnessing the power of the media has helped them raise awareness about the plight of animals. Media segments about puppy mills and the effectiveness of spay and neuter programs have helped thousands of animals.

This type of animal welfare public relations platform is particularly effective in building a more humane world. Offering the public compelling content about your organization and the animals it serves helps bring positive change to their plight.

Building Credibility

When it comes to credibility, the average consumer simply trusts third-party media far more than they do advertising and marketing campaigns.

But, it can take some work to get the news media’s attention. You will need to be strategic. Make sure your content is newsworthy. If you’re unsure whether your story is worthy of a news release, simply ask yourself if it has implications outside your company and if others would be interested.

The media wants to know about events that are coming up and not about those that have already happened.

You should also be reaching out to prominent media outlets in your local area and those who write for publications that cover animal welfare issues. Invite them to your events and show them how your organization helps change lives.

Find a well-respected podcaster who covers animal-related issues and pitch your organization’s thought leaders as guests.

Raising Awareness

PR is the art of building positive relationships through storytelling.

Having a good relationship with reporters can help you raise awareness of your mission. If you can offer them tips on story ideas, help them gather insightful data and provide them with relevant quotes, you can establish a solid relationship.

By doing this, you can establish yourself as a “go-to” expert when topics surrounding the humane treatment of animals arise. This means your organization’s name will be in the news more often, which helps shine a spotlight on your goals. It is through the media that you can tell your organization’s story and why it’s important in the lives of the animals it serves.

But cultivating these relationships and finding the time to write press releases may be difficult. This is especially true when you’re focused on raising the money you need to help the animals you care about.

That’s why there are PR agencies like Orange Orchard.

The content creators and media relations professionals here are not only experts in PR, we are also animal lovers. As a division of Ripley PR, the team at Orange Orchard is made up of veteran PR pros and experienced journalists who want the world to be a kinder place.

If you want your animal welfare organization to have a greater impact, you need the media. And if you want to get noticed by the media, you need Orange Orchard.

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