Donations are the lifeblood of animal nonprofit organizations around the world. With hopes of making an impact for their animal of choice, many nonprofits spend endless hours trying to raise the funds to make their dream become a reality. Many nonprofits are trying to gain the attention of similar donors – ones that have a soft spot for the care and support of animals. Whether you are trying to save the orangutan from extinction or looking to rehabilitate injured puppies, it may be difficult to garner the necessary funds without a little help.

When it’s time to have your major fundraising event, partnering with a PR agency that takes an animal welfare public relations approach can provide you with the necessary tools to make your efforts stand out from the crowd. Experts with experience in the animal welfare industry have a Rolodex full of media contacts they can reach out to for increased awareness for your event.

Here are a couple of ways animal welfare-focused PR agencies can help generate more interest in your fundraising campaign.

Professionally Written Press Release

If the car isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Press releases still hold plenty of weight when it comes to garnering the media’s attention. But not all press releases are created equal. It’s important for the content to be written free of errors and with the intended audience in mind. While the who, what, when, where and why will be included in the release, making sure to include specific details that hit home for the reader is a must. By partnering with a PR agency that has experience in the animal welfare space, you are gaining a partner that understands how to shape these pieces of content to gain attention from the media and donors.

Proactive Media Outreach

Just crafting a press release isn’t going to get you the media attention you need to raise significant awareness for your fundraising event. You must get it in the hands of journalists. Experts that use proactive media outreach make sure to pitch the press release and other notable animal welfare topics to trusted industry publications to secure interviews and opportunities. While building you into a well-known animal welfare expert, securing opportunities will create credibility for your nonprofit and promote your fundraising event to animal advocates and donors.

Our experts at Orange Orchard have years of experience working with nonprofits, like The Orangutan Project, in the animal welfare space. With experience in promoting events and developing strategies, our experts will focus on increasing awareness and recognition for your fundraising events. If you are ready to partner with an experienced animal welfare PR agency, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.