It’s pretty obvious that humanity doesn’t always treat the animals that share our world humanely. That’s why so many people come together to support nonprofit organizations that fight the good fight to protect animal rights and welfare.

Animal advocacy and rescue organizations often face an ongoing struggle to recruit volunteers or seek financial donors. A strong nonprofit public relations strategy can be a lifeline for organizations needing support to keep their doors open.

Importance of Nonprofit PR

Doing the right thing won’t always get your organization the visibility it needs. That’s why a strong public relations strategy can pay off, according to the Houston Chronicle:

If the goal of a nonprofit is to get the public to act in specific ways, public relations helps the organization get the word out about specific issues. This might include a charity that fights child obesity placing articles in newspapers and magazines that teach parents how to help their children eat healthier. Public relations activities might include a breast cancer organization generating TV and radio interviews that educate women how, when and why to get breast examinations. A continuing educational PR campaign can also help a nonprofit meet its purpose in the eyes of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, which grants or removes tax-exempt status from nonprofits.

Your nonprofit organization may not have the in-house expertise to develop and implement a strong PR strategy, but it’s not out of reach. Partnering with a nonprofit public relations agency can provide the necessary institutional knowledge and experience.

Partnering for Nonprofit Public Relations

If animal welfare nonprofit organization help with developing a public relations strategy to recruit volunteers and secure financial support, the nonprofit public relations experts at Orange Orchard can help. Contact us online or at 865-977-1973 to learn more.