Orange Orchard, a plant-based public relations agency, has been fishing for interesting news concerning vegan brands and businesses. Here are a few stories that caught our eye.

Companies Hooked on the Idea of Plant-Based Fish

An increasing number of companies are launching plant-based fish products. Writing in Forbes, Lana Bandoim reports that Impossible Foods and Nestlé are looking to enter the market and that startup Good Catch raised $32 million in financing in January:

Companies are reacting to what they are seeing in the seafood industry and the trend toward vegan alternatives. From concerns about the environment to fears about mercury, the fish industry has faced multiple challenges in recent years. The recent coronavirus outbreak has created additional pressures, including shortages of items in grocery stores. All of these factors have created a combination that is pushing consumers toward a dinner plate filled with plant-based fish instead of regular tuna.

The Rise of Vegan Design

Veganism isn’t just about refraining from eating meat. It’s founded on the idea of making the world a healthier, kinder place. Business of Home reports on the influence of veganism on interior design, interviewing Deborah DiMare of Miami-based DiMare Designs:

“It all ties into the concept of health and wellness, which is so prevalent now,” says DiMare. “I believe that luxury for the younger generations is going to be defined completely differently. Luxury is going to be about living a cleaner lifestyle.” To that end, she also focuses on avoiding anything that requires toxic chemicals to create—like wrinkle-free sheets processed with formaldehyde or pieces that contain viscose, which is known to cause a number of health issues for the workers who manufacture it. “It’s about approaching everything in an ethical way and honoring the planet and all living things.”

Impossible Foods Ventures into Retail

It’s well-known that one effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increased interest in plant-based meat alternatives as consumers faced meat shortages and concerns about the health of the food supply. Now, Impossible Foods is using the opportunity to begin marketing directly to consumers, making a foray into the retail space through online sales, according to Food Dive:

Impossible Burger is looking to capitalize on this trend as it continues to accelerate its expansion into retail in the face of foodservice closures. Direct-to-consumer e-commerce options help companies boost their product penetration while having greater control over the supply chain and not being as beholden to grocers to display their items. Manufacturers can also sell the products at retail price, rather than at wholesale, and reap the benefits of higher margins.

Special Bonus: Dairy Queen Launches Vegan Ice Cream!

This is a dilly of an announcement.

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