When you are looking to achieve a personal goal, you want to put together a plan to help guide you through your journey. Not only does the plan help you when to know important milestones, but it also keeps you accountable. Shouldn’t the same apply when it comes to increasing the awareness of your nonprofit organization?

Most nonprofits understand that in order to grow you need donors and volunteers to recognize your brand. If a donor or volunteer doesn’t know you or your message, they are less likely to give money or their services to support you. Public relations provide an avenue to showcase your mission and great accomplishments. But sending out just press releases, while helpful, isn’t going to maximize your brand’s potential. You must have a strategy in place.

Partnering with a PR agency that specializes in nonprofit public relations can give you the opportunity to maximize your reach in the media and develop a strong foundation to build your donor and volunteer base. A PR agency that focuses on nonprofit public relations, like Orange Orchard, can provide your foundation with a PR plan that is tailor-made for your organization.

At Orange Orchard, our PR strategy indicates specific targets, audiences and key messages that will be focused on as our experts push to increase your nonprofit’s awareness using media outreach and content creation. Our strategies are tailored to our individual clients to ensure we are providing maximum value. In addition, we can provide social media best practices to help you improve brand awareness across your social platforms.

Building brand awareness should not be taken for granted. Partnering with an experienced, award-winning team can give you the extra boost that you need. Give our experts at Orange Orchard a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online if you are ready to maximize your brand awareness.