As my husband and I drove to dinner the other night, we passed a large open-air truck stuffed to the brim with live chickens. These little creatures looked terrified as the wind passed through the vehicle with little room for them to move. I was visibly upset, then my husband reminded me that plant-based proteins are dominating the stock market, and we are growing closer to affordable clean meat options. “Factory farming will become obsolete in our lifetime” he said.

Often times, we think of animal cruelty in the form of an abusive pet owner or a dog fighting operation. Animal cruelty is engrained in American consumerism. It’s right in front of us just like the truck passing us by on the highway. Luckily, companies with a cruelty-free focus are making big changes to this norm and disrupting our views on animal suffering.

Movers and Shakers

Plant-based meat alternatives are not a new invention. The first plant-based “Vegeburger” became commercially available in 1982. Still, for years no one believed plant-based alternatives could compete with animal agriculture giants. There just wasn’t any money in it.

Flash forward to 2019, California plant-based company, Beyond Meat, is publicly traded and valued at $21 billion. They are the second-best performing IPO this year after Shockwave Medical, Inc. Impossible Foods recently announced that it raised $300 million in its latest round of private funding, the largest ever haul for a plant-based meat company. Impossible Burgers will soon be offered in 7,000 Burger King locations. Clean meat company, Aleph Farms, is expected to make lab-grown meat commercially available by 2021. The future is cruelty-free.

Doing Good While Making Profits

The good guys really can get ahead. Companies who are making conscious and cruelty-free products are in an advantageous time. They are redefining an industry previously coined as niche- and changing the world for the good of animals while seeing big profits.

Plan for Growth

At Orange Orchard, we have a talented team of PR professionals that understands the unique challenges cruelty-free companies face. We are experts in cruelty-free public relations and can help your company get the notoriety it deserves.

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