As more and more vegan franchises enter the marketplace, it’s important for yours to stand out in our digital world. You don’t want your message and goals to be hidden from the spotlight. An experienced team like Orange Orchard PR can help your franchise stand out from the crowd with vegan franchise public relations and the use of PR keywords.

This doesn’t mean peppering content and videos with key word vomit. So, let’s discuss what this really means.

Target Audience

Who are you trying to attract with these keywords? Are they health conscious, environmentalists, or animal lovers? Knowing who you’re going after will help hone in those keywords and help you build a solid strategy. Vegan animal franchise content shouldn’t use keywords like “The Office” and “Michael Scott” just because they’re always going to be popular searches. Know your target audience, reach your target audience.

Go beyond Blogs

This doesn’t just mean within the body of a blog. PR keywords can be used on your website, your meta descriptions, your page titles, your social channels, etc. An experienced team like Orange Orchard PR can also help you utilize keywords in your press releases and news. If the right journalist or right potential client is searching around, there you’ll be for them to see.

SEO Benefits

Media or client attention to your content is great. They can learn more about your product, your values and why they should connect with you. Additionally, using PR keywords in your vegan public relations strategy can help strengthen your website searchability and ranking. If I search for a vegan restaurant, it would pay dividends for my page to be on the front. By using the right SEO keywords and terms, we’ll get started on your rise through the rankings.

If you’re wanting your vegan franchise to standout, then give us a call at 865-977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard PR online.