When you are looking for someone to be your partner to help get the word out about your vegan business, it’s important that it’s a good match.  You can compare it to an interview for a job in that it needs to be a good fit both ways. So why shouldn’t you be equally prepared when searching for the best fit for the next member of your team.

You worked hard to get this far with your business. So, don’t forget to ask about these 3 key things when deciding who you want to oversee your vegan public relations efforts.

  1. Will I get a PR plan that’s just for me?

When it comes to PR, each business is unique. Maybe you want to focus more on social media and blog posts but don’t have the time to write. The pros on our content writing team are here for you, and will work with you to cover the topics you care about most. And when you have big news to share, the team at Orange Orchard Public Relations can write a press release and distribute it to the vegan-focused audience you want to reach. Our professionals listen to what you want to accomplish and what is most important to you to devise a plan that is as special and unique as your business.

  1. Can the PR agency provide examples of different media coverage they’ve garnered for clients?

Be sure to ask about the different media outlets the PR agency has had success garnering coverage. You’ll want to see a variety from local print and television, as well as vegan-focused publications and laser focused podcasts for vegan audiences. A good PR partner will leverage relationships they’ve built with journalists to find opportunities for you, as well as seek out new avenues. You’ll want to make the most of these opportunities by sharing them on all your social media sites and website.

  1. When I get an opportunity for an interview, will the agency help me prepare?

So, the pros at Orange Orchard PR landed an interview for you!  You’re excited but maybe a little nervous. You want to make sure you’re not flying solo when your moment to shine arrives. Our team provides media training to help you put your best foot forward and prepare for your interview, whether it’s on the phone, in person, on camera or by Zoom.

Orange Orchard has a professional staff experienced in both public and media relations, and they are ready to get to work for you. Is it time to add a PR partner to your team? Contact us here or give us a call at (865) 977-1973.