Report after report, we’re seeing the devastation that we have enacted on the world around us: loss of habitat, pollution, climate change, animal exploitation. The list goes on. We know there’s a problem with how we treat and live with our planet, and that we’re the cause of — and solution to — all of these issues. But what are we really doing about it?

Good for the environment and our future

There are companies out there working tirelessly, with real effort and action, to make a difference. Maybe yours is one of them.

Maybe you’re helping find sustainable palm oil solutions or creating DIY machines to allow you to recycle plastics at home. Maybe you’re fighting to save the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan or working tirelessly to keep wildlife in the wild.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s important that you get the word out about your efforts, not only to show that your company cares and to get other likeminded people join your cause, but to encourage all of humanity to strive toward a better tomorrow.

Spreading the word about your works

If you’re interested in saving our environment, you’re not alone. Movements toward the greater good are often started by one person or a small group of people, and your passion and effort, shared with the world, can help you scale up to make a monumental, long-lasting impact.

While you may be a specialist in your field, there’s an art to communicating your findings, and the urgency of your work, to the general public. As environmental public relations experts, we at Orange Orchard understand how to distill your efforts down into why they matter and communicate that message to news media and their subsequent audiences. We work with companies like yours daily to advocate and effect change, and we promote environmentally-conscious brands as if the planet depends on it.

If you’re taking action and ready for the world to know, we want to talk with you. Contact us today at 865-977-1973.