When it comes to public relations, there is a media outlet for nearly everything. A magazine directed to your donors, a news segment that talks specifically about your animal welfare efforts, and just over the past decade or so, podcasts have become a significant media platform to connect with precisely the audience you need to reach.

With over 2.4 million podcasts and 383.7 million podcast listeners globally, through animal welfare public relations you can enhance your efforts almost easily through podcast appearances.

Build Credibility

When you appear on a podcast that your target audience already listens to, you become an expert they can trust, building credibility in your relationship with consumers. A client of ours had initially underestimated the value of podcast appearances until he was approached by one of his clients at an event, stating they recognized him from a podcast they listened to regularly. This type of recognition is valuable not only to you, but your target market, too.

Increase Approachability

Podcasts allow you to deliver your brand message in a way that listeners can consume conveniently and leisurely. When tuning into a podcast, listeners anticipate a conversation style interview. This is your chance to not only become someone they can trust, but someone they can relate to. You’re not throwing an ad in their face; you’re not begging them for support—you’re simply talking about the things they care about.

Expand Your Reach

In 2022 it was found that over 60 percent of US consumers listened to podcasts. Not only your current audience, but potential supporters are tuning in. These appearances boost your SEO, as well, making you easier to find when the topic you’re speaking on is searched. The higher the visibility, the further the reach.

If you’re looking to tap into the value that comes with podcast appearances, an experienced team like Orange Orchard is happy to offer direction and expertise. Give Orange Orchard a call at (865)977-1973 or visit us online to get started.