More and more Americans are reassessing what they spend their money on. Families are looking for healthy, plant-based meal options and consumers are steering more clear of animal-based products than ever.

It’s a great time to get the word out about your own plant-based products. But cutting through the noise of your competitors might be a challenge.

That’s why you need a PR agency that specializes in plant-based public relations. They can spread the word about what you offer in a way that sets you apart from other brands.

They’ll tell your story

A specialized plant-based public relations agency will understand the importance of a good story – and they’ll know exactly how to harness the positioning power that comes with it.

Whether it’s the story of your own journey to a plant-based lifestyle, or the origin story of how your business was founded, you have a story to tell that will help solidify your brand in the minds of consumers. And the right PR team will know how to use that story to push your brand’s name to the top of everyone’s search engines.

They’ll sell the right benefits

Consumers looking to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle do so for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re looking for healthier alternatives, sometimes they’re doing so for the sake of the environment, and sometimes they’re taking a stance in the name of animal welfare.

The key is to know which audiences are making the switch for which reasons, and then focus on tailoring the soft sell of your product accordingly.

The good news is that plant-based public relations is all about controlling which audiences receive which messages. That means your PR team will know exactly which benefits to sell to which potential consumers.

They’ll position you as an industry expert

Right now, the plant-based market is pretty competitive. Which isn’t a bad thing because that just shows that there’s a demand for the very products you’re trying to sell. The trick is staying top-of-mind in the field, above the clutter of other brand names.

If you hire a good plant-based public relations agency, they’ll make sure that you’re always positioned as a plant-based expert in the media and in your external-facing messaging. This type of positioning will cause more consumers to immediately think of your brand when they’re looking for a plant-based option.

Through the art of compelling earned media and soft sell messaging, a plant-based public relations agency will be able to help you get more of your products in front of more would-be buyers.

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