Most offices have some sort of sustainability program. They remind employees that they should use less paper or they offer recycling bins in the break room. It’s better than nothing, but it makes clear to anyone who takes part that sustainability isn’t really a top priority.

It takes more than a company email about where empty yogurt cups go to implement best environmental practices in the office. By offering real incentives and providing employees with resources to put your company’s principles into practice, you can transform your office culture and show the world what matters to you.

It’s more vital than ever that green businesses don’t keep their message to themselves. Your story of sustainability can inspire the next generation of leaders on environmental issues or convince other companies like yours to take extra steps like these to care for the planet:

Sustainable steps

  • Go paper-free. Don’t just print less. Aim to eliminate paper from the workflow at your office by 50 percent or more within the next year and plan intermediate steps and benchmarks. Not only will you reduce your company’s footprint, you’ll demonstrate to clients and other stakeholders that a paper-free future possible.
  • Upgrade your gear. The next time you’re shopping for hardware, invest in long-lasting and energy-efficient computer equipment and electronics. You’ll pay more now but see substantial savings in the long run with lower utility bills, and you’ll spend less on maintenance and repairs.
  • Bag it. Keep a supply of canvas totes in the office for team members to borrow for running errands at lunchtime or stopping at the supermarket on the way home. Offer small incentives like PTO or free snacks to employees who upcycle totes from home to add to the stash.
  • Drive time. Offer incentives for employees who carpool, use public transportation or commute by biking or walking. You’ll directly reduce your company’s carbon impact. More importantly, monthly or quarterly contests and prizes can motivate employees to work together and think about the effect their transportation choices have.
  • Lunch break. Stock the break room or kitchen with reusable utensils, dishes, drinking glasses and coffee mugs. Offer filtered tap water instead of a water cooler and keep locally sourced and sustainably produced snacks on hand. Popular condiments in the refrigerator reduce demand for wasteful single-serving packages of ketchup, mustard and hot sauce.

Teaming up for the planet

Creating an earth-friendly office space and a company culture based on compassion for the planet doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of care and planning, and it takes teamwork.

At Orange Orchard, we can help your team tell its story with environmental public relations. If your products and services are making the world a better place, or if your company culture values the planet as much as the bottom line, our team of experienced green PR experts can connect you with an audience that wants to hear you message.