For startups that specialize in animal-friendly products, there’s plenty opportunity for growth in 2022.

Regardless of the industry — food, clothing, personal products — demand for cruelty-free goods is growing fast in 2022. Smart business leaders with a solid strategy can tap into that demand to power their startup’s own rapid growth.

But it’s one thing to grow a new company in a thriving market. It’s another to truly maximize growth so your company outpaces the competition. In a crowded sector like animal-friendly goods, effectively building brand awareness with vegan public relations can be a key part of your vision for sustainable explosive success.

Marketing and advertising are critical elements of brand awareness. But strategic media relations directed by an experienced vegan PR agency can offer unique advantages.

  • Establish trust and credibility: When a spokesperson for your business is quoted as an expert in a news story or places a thought-leadership article in a widely read trade publication, your brand benefits. Unpaid media placements demonstrate that people within the industry respect and value your company and its leadership.
  • Recruit and retain talent: As your brand builds its positive presence in the marketplace, it will become an attractive target for talented jobseekers. Existing team members will develop a strong sense of unity and shared mission.
  • Attract investors: Potential investors won’t be swayed by social media advertising. But they will notice when your company is making deep connections with customers through thoughtful content and thought leadership.

Getting your company’s name and identity out there is important. Paid content opportunities are great for that. But steering the narrative with expert media relations is equally important, and can mean the difference between a growth spurt and long-term success.

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