When I was 18, I vowed to never eat meat again after having a particularly bad chicken Caesar salad in my college cafeteria. I attended a very liberal university and even in the early aughts, veganism wasn’t the craziest idea in my inner circle. Many of my peers were also adopting the diet.
As I embarked on my new lifestyle — fairly certain I could survive solely on hummus and Earth Balance on toast – I overlooked one big elephant in my particular room — I was a beauty product junkie completely naïve about cruel practices behind the products in my bathroom.
It’s not that I had never heard the term cruelty-free, I knew what it meant, but at that time my hummus diet already seemed like a big step, and I wasn’t ready to fully engage with the problems behind my rainbow of lipsticks — I loved them.
It was my introduction to brands that took a stand against animal testing that made me understand that there is a problem and absolutely no need for that problem. According to experts like Dr. Christopher Austin, former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Chemical Genomics Center, animal testing is not the most accurate way to test human side effects: “Traditional animal testing is expensive, time-consuming, uses a lot of animals and from a scientific perspective the results do not necessarily translate to humans.”
Cruelty-free brands have been fighting the good fight for a long time. Recent legislature changes in California and Nevada show the cruelty-free movement is getting some legs and the masses are paying attention. Keep the ball rolling for your brand with strategic cruelty- free public relations.
If your company is part of the cruelty-free movement, Orange Orchard wants to help you do right by animals. We are a specialized PR agency that can make sure your voice is heard and becomes a trusted source in the cruelty-free market.
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