It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t find a soft spot in their heart for animals. From dogs to cows, each animal deserves to be treated humanely and with the utmost respect. Animal welfare organizations, like yours, exist to support and champion the rights of animals. For example, the Animal Welfare Institute has remained dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people since 1951. To be successful in their mission and to spread the word of their goals, non-profit organizations need funds from loyal donors.

When it comes to soliciting donations, it can be difficult for organizations to raise the amount of money they need to grow and continue pushing their message to the public. This may negatively impact your campaign. One tool that is often overlooked by non-profit animal welfare organizations is the importance of positive PR.

Animal welfare public relations can provide organizations with the proper tools to drive campaigns and position themselves as thought leaders in the space. Specialty PR organizations, like Orange Orchard, understand the importance of your goals and mission. Our experts at Orange Orchard take it a step further by sharing a similar mission. Our team dedicates itself to making the world a cleaner, kinder place for animals. In addition, we’ve worked with multiple animal welfare organizations around the world.

There are several ways our experts can help you capture the hearts of donors through animal welfare PR.

  • Use content to announce campaigns: It would be difficult to get your message to your donors without the use of content. Press releases remain a great way to announce your campaigns while crafting a message that fits your brand and values. These press releases can be distributed on the national newswire to accelerate online pickup and improve SEO. Blogs are also a great way to share important information with potential donors on your website and social media platforms.
  • Enhance social media presence: Online engagement is a must for staying in contact with potential donors. While e-blasts can help you reach donors, an effective social media presence is a great way to keep them engaged. By regularly posting creative, eye-catching content, you and your message will remain top-of-mind for those looking to support your cause.
  • Help establish you as a thought leader: Being seen as an expert in the animal welfare space can go a long way in helping donors support your non-profit. People care about where they spend their money, and it’s much more likely they choose you if you are the key voice in the space. Through earned media opportunities, your non-profit will be featured in trusted publications or media outlets. Through media training, we can help you and your non-profit be positioned perfectly in your industry.

If you are an animal welfare organization looking to increase your brand awareness and reach donors, look no further than our experts at Orange Orchard. Give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.