As folks begin to venture out more when it comes to social gatherings or traveling, many are trying to figure out what to do. Vacation destinations aren’t simple decisions because now we take into account politics, social behaviors or even ethical decisions made by organizations or owners. We have to decide who we want to support and who is getting our hard-earned dollars. What’s the cost of fun?

As an ecotourism public relations agency, we work with organizations and groups that understand the need for eco-friendly options when it comes to getaways. More importantly, we offer them visibility. Here’s what public relations can do for your ecofriendly offering:

Finding an audience: Our team can help you create a focused message and PR strategy. The key to boosting brand awareness is having a good plan.

Creating good content: Information travels quickly, and you need to have content online and readily available. Whether through social channels or on your website, you need to connect with readers. Creative, concise content can help.

Sharing your news: A PR strategy and good content are a good start, but we also want to connect you with members of the media, so you can tell your story. What do you have to offer, and why do you offer it? Why should people care or visit? PR can help get you in key publications and broaden your reach.

Call us today at (865) 977-1973 and let help celebrate your ecofriendly getaway.