Search for the words “cruelty free” online and you’ll get more than 100 million results. The overwhelming majority of the top hits are related to cosmetics and personal goods like deodorant and soap – products that are frequently either tested on animals or made from ingredients that have been tested on animals.

The growing awareness of the physical, emotional and psychological suffering animals experience in laboratories is changing the cosmetics and personal care industries for the better. Similarly, public concern about fur is driving significant reforms in the fashion industry.

The other animal exploitation

What about all the other animal-based and animal-derived products that surround us? There’s much less awareness among the general public about the cruelty (and environmental concerns) associated with the production of leather, wool, silk, down and other familiar animal materials. But the lives of animals trapped in facilities for making those materials are just as horrific as the lives of animals on industrial meat and dairy farms.

A small but growing number of manufacturers and retailers are betting that feathers and leather will soon face the same backlash that is driving the movement against fur and animal testing. The quality of vegan leather, vegan wool and down alternative fillings has already exceeded what most customers expect, and it’s still improving quickly.

Cruelty-free competition

Vegan clothing makers and suppliers could soon find themselves in the same position that cruelty-free cosmetics and food companies are in – a crowded, competitive marketplace enjoying booming growth and energized by innovation, technology and investment. That’s a great outlook, but individual companies will have a hard time standing out.

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