Ecotourism is big business, and all indications point to ecotourism growing faster than ever before. According to a travel report in 2019, 87% of those travelers surveyed reported the desire to travel sustainably, a jump from the 52% who reported the same wish in 2016. And, according to, more than 90 nations worldwide have started or have in place ecotourism initiatives.

While this is great news for the ecotourism and green travel industries, it means there are many more competitors trying to get the attention of the same type of traveler. From green hotels and resorts, to emerging travel companies geared to sustainable traveling and tours, to businesses offering green travel products, there are a plethora of earth-friendly travel services and products available.

Because your ecotourism business must compete for the same travel customer, hiring an ecotourism public relations agency like Orange Orchard, who knows the business inside out, is a huge advantage. We have helped green and eco-friendly businesses alike stand out with the right consumers through our targeted social media strategies that appeal to this type of buyer.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of ecotourism businesses make is hiring an intern or employing a friend-of-a-friend to manage their social media platforms. Enthusiasm and excitement about managing social media for an eco-friendly business might be a good quality in an inexperienced staffer, but do you want to trust your image, reputation and public relations to an entry-level worker?

Orange Orchard is in business to boost your brand’s reach and help it dominate the industry. And by employing professional travel and tourism writers and journalists, we can provide results. Our staff knows the ecotourism industry leaders and influencers and regularly posts to the social media platforms and accounts they follow. A recent study from Hubspot showed that 71 percent of consumers rely on social media referrals and reviews to make a purchasing decision. Your social media marketing needs an expert to help manage this important sales tool.

By developing an industry social media strategy tailored to your brand, we can take charge. We’ll employ social media savvy and public relations techniques only an experienced ecotourism public relations agency knows.

Managing social media for ecotourism businesses is an art, and you need a partner who understands the industry’s unique consumers. Want to know more? Call us at 865.977.1973 or Orange Orchard online.