Your animal welfare organization has a story with dedicated people behind each of your chapters who keep things running each day. And each member of your team brings their unique strengths and background and their own reasons why they chose to share their time and talents with you.

The reasons why someone wants to be involved and contribute to your animal welfare efforts are unique stories just waiting to be shared that can generate interest about your organization.

That’s why it helps to have an animal welfare public relations partner on your team to help you share the inspiring stories and background of each of your team members – like those at The Orangutan Project – and get the word out about the work you do, which can in turn inspire support.

Maybe there is someone who has been working or volunteering with you consistently for a very long time that would make for a great feature story in a focused publication. Have you hired someone to join your team and leadership? That’s newsworthy, and with the connections of a PR pro it could find its way into a promotions/hirings feature at a recognized publication.

Or perhaps you have some newcomers who want to make a difference in the lives of animals because they heard you on an animal welfare focused podcast or saw your recent post on social media. That’s the difference an animal welfare public relations partner can make for you as they utilize the media contacts and relationships they’ve built.

Sharing a behind the scenes day in the life of what your everyday heroes specifically do for the animals, and why they enjoy being part of your team, staff or volunteer, is a fantastic addition to your organization’s website or blog.  So is a photo with a caption of a few details of their day and what they love about their role to post on your social media channels.

If you have so many stories but no time to write and share them, Orange Orchard has a team of professionals who are experienced at discovering the details about your team and organization that could grab the attention of a journalist or podcast host geared toward an animal welfare audience. We can also develop a social media calendar and plan out your posts.

Great organizations thrive when they’re comprised of teammates also passionate about your dedication to animal welfare. Are you ready to get the word out and highlight your heroes? Contact us or give us a call at 865-977-1973.