Compared to generally successful for-profit businesses, nonprofits are often at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to premium resources for marketing and attracting donors. Many rely almost solely on volunteer efforts and grassroots tactics to get the word out about their mission, and despite the noble intentions of those helping, the results may be worth the lift. Investing in an outside team to help with a solid nonprofit public relations strategy can enhance visibility for potential supporters; however, is that affordable?

Surprisingly, professional PR services can be attained even during the early stages of an ambitious nonprofit. There are also some great public relations tactics you can employ on your own to amplify your reach. Here is some advice from the team at Orange Orchard.

Getting Started with PR for your Nonprofit

Getting Started: As Heather mentions in this blog about starting PR on a tight budget, it’s  critical to begin with a strategy, and understanding of your message and spokespeople that are ready to share your story. Prior to engaging with an agency, you can also take stock of a few other things. Are your social media accounts current and producing regular, engaging content? Is your website ready to host new content and news clips? Are you taking note of your newsworthy efforts that journalists might find interesting?

Financial Expectations: Comparing and contrasting retainers and fees can be overwhelming. However, rolling out a nonprofit public relations strategy might be more affordable than you think. Have you considered asking potential partners about quarterly project work to get started? For example, at Orange Orchard, we dig in to understand your needs and recommend custom plans to suit your budget.

Understanding Momentum and Results: Public relations is a longtail game, and the goal is to add credibility and establish a trustworthiness for your organization that will make your other marketing efforts more successful and lead more supporters to your cause. This takes time, and the more time you’re willing to invest, the more momentum – and results – you can attain.

Don’t wait to give your mission the visibility it deserves with tried-and-true nonprofit public relations tactics. Contact us at Orange Orchard here or by calling (865) 977-1973.