If you’re in the process of launching a new vegan product, you’re already well aware of the lucrative opportunities in the space. Even if it’s a passion project, you chose a promising business path.

The challenge is, you’re not alone.

Global tech research firm Technavio has been monitoring the vegan cheese market, and they expect a $1.27 billion growth in the sector between this year and 2024. New players are highly likely on the scene.

Both BBC and Forbes are reporting that plant-based seafood is the next biggest trend, with massive opportunity for growth. The outlets state that these products currently occupy only 1% of plant-based meat retail sales. Companies are actively seeking the best food technologies to improve the quality and taste of these products, and the race is on.

Plant-based foods have been trending positively for years, but 2020 has seen quite a boost, and Wales Online reports that the pandemic has played a major role in the surging demand. According to the UK site, a survey issued by Mintel revealed:

A quarter of 21 to 30-year-olds claim the idea of becoming vegan has become more appealing since the start of the coronavirus crisis…Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of people surveyed said they have been consuming more fruit and vegetables since the start of the outbreak, with people aged 40 and under being the most likely to say they are keeping their fridges well-stocked.

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Standout in 2020 with PR

Even if you’ve already quietly launched some products you’re proud of, it’s not too late to announce them to the world with a strategic PR campaign!

Some examples of how partnering with an experienced vegan public relations team can help you standout among even veteran brands include

  • Refined messaging and branding
  • Expertly written and pitched press releases
  • Strategic product placement in key publications
  • Content that performs, including engaging blogs and dynamic social media campaigns

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