A new federal law will allow hunters in Alaska to use extreme methods to kill their prey, including:

  • Baiting bears with bacon grease and doughnuts
  • Using spotlights to target hibernating bears and their cubs
  • Targeting wolves and their cubs in their dens
  • Using motorboats to aid in shooting swimming caribou

According to the National Park Service, the law simply gets hunting and trapping practices in line with Alaska’s state regulations. As you can imagine, the news has been met with a great deal of criticism.

A lot of folks have tried to make this a political issue, and for some it is. But we’re talking about the slaughter of hibernating bears and wolf cubs that might not have even learned how to howl yet. This isn’t politics. This is a tragedy.

We want to help

We know there are organizations out there fighting to make a difference and end the senseless violence against this planet’s creatures and their homes, but you don’t have to do it alone. By partnering with an animal welfare public relations agency like Orange Orchard, you’re collaborating with like-minded individuals who can help you get your message out to a wider audience.

You see, we don’t believe animals should be killed for sport. Their heads don’t belong on someone’s wall, and their skin shouldn’t be a coat. Forests and homes shouldn’t be destroyed for production purposes, and no, no one needs a tiger as a pet.

We’re lucky enough to partner with organizations who fight on behalf of the animals that walk on this planet. They’re working to create better environment and safe spaces. They’re fighting the illegal wildlife trade and trying to put an end to trophy hunting. They champion the rights of animals, and we’re helping them broadcast that message nice and loud.

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