Countless brands today are touting their animal friendly methods for arriving at their finished products, but only a select number earn the right to showcase certifications such as Leaping Bunny that verify their claims. Many consumers, however, simply don’t know to look past the marketing language for proof. If your company has worked hard to maintain a pristine supply chain, protects animals through every step of your process and has been certified by a reputable organization, it’s worth partnering with a team experienced in cruelty free public relations to ensure your target audiences know.

Aveda, for example, has been championing vegan products and speaking out against animal testing since the ’70s but only this year announced its certification by Leaping Bunny.

Announcing your cruelty free publication takes more than a lone website statement, social media post or even press release. To do the honor justice, it requires a comprehensive strategy to raise awareness of the achievement and sustain momentum so that the maximum number of consumers understand you can back your animal friendly claims.

Choose a partner that speaks your language

At Orange Orchard, we understand what an achievement it is to secure full approval from a reputable organization like Leaping Bunny. Furthermore, we understand how critical it is to your success to maximize that and not let it become a passive, minor adjustment to your brand.

Enlisting the help of a full-service agency will grant a clear, comprehensive strategy for the campaign. A good strategy should include a timeline, press release, a thorough media outreach and distribution plan and next steps for maximizing earned media placement. Taking the time to research and choose an agency with demonstrated experience in cruelty free public relations will guarantee a heightened understanding of your key messages and a consistency in representation.

For brands like yours championing animal-friendly alternatives, the time is now to take your earned position in the spotlight. Contact us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973 to learn how partnering with a team specializing in cruelty-free public relations can help.