Vegan and plant-based foods are experiencing a consumer-driven explosion. What’s interesting is that according to many surveys, the number of people who identify as vegan or vegetarian has not increased in same proportion in the U.S. What’s behind the increase in consumer demand?

It’s because more and more Americans are opting to eat less meat and animal products, whether they call themselves vegans or not. Many do it for their health, for weight loss and because they want to help the environment, so they are turning to plant-based foods.

Vegan food isn’t just for vegans

In fact, a study by Ipsos Retail Performance recently revealed that the number of Americans eating a plant-based diet has increased from 290,000 in 2004 to 9.7 million in 2019. That’s a huge increase, and far outpaces the increase in the self-identified vegan population over the years. So what does that mean to vegan brands? It means your brand isn’t just for vegans. Your marketing also needs to appeal to non-vegans in order to reach the top in this very competitive marketplace.

Appeal to the right audience

The truth is, this is an emerging market, and while other marketing and PR agencies are trying to catch up and figure out how to advise vegan clients, Orange Orchard has been practicing vegan public relations for years. We’ve been helping clients translate their vegan brands into something more than a niche product. We can drive your campaign to reach wider audiences with great PR strategies and successful tactics, but also by understanding where you are coming from. We know the ins and outs of the plant-based and earth-friendly movement, and have the connections, the expertise and the vision to help brands make an impact on consumer purchasing decisions.

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