If your company is targeting consumers or other businesses interested in being more friendly to our planet, or being more eco-conscious in their personal and professional lives, you might need to consider hiring an agency that specializes in Earth-friendly PR. In case you haven’t noticed, green, plant-based, animal-friendly and even vegan businesses are sprouting up, it seems, on a daily basis.

The whole idea of trying to leave a lighter footprint on the earth is even being embraced by mega-brands like Starbucks, who just recently vowed to eliminate plastic straws by 2020, opting for biodegradable lids that allow sipping instead of straws. That’s a huge deal, and you can be sure there was a deliberate effort by Starbucks’ marketers to get that story as much coverage as possible.

And here we are talking about it, so the PR strategy worked, and that’s all good. But, now it’s your turn to have attention focused on your business.

Because we are a PR agency specializing in the environmentally-friendly space, there are many things we can do to get your business attention in a very crowded market.

We are the experts in:

  1. Writing press releases that get the attention of the media
    I have heard people say that anyone can write a press release. That’s true, but very few people can write a press release that grabs a reporter’s eye. That’s talent. And we have many former journalists on our team that know how to get the right attention for your news.
  2. Pitching stories to the right media

We happen to know the specific media and media outlets that will get your business in front of the audiences you are searching for.

  1. Creating social media buzz with skilled posts

Sure, a recent college grad grew up with social, but social for business is a very serious business, and we only employ senior-level experts who are versed in SEO and what’s trending.

Orange Orchard is dedicated to promoting your earth-friendly or vegan business to the correct audiences with appropriate and genuine messaging to reach like-minded clients or customers. Contact us at 865.977.1973.