Does your business support animal welfare causes? A popular way for businesses to show their corporate social responsibility efforts is through donations, providing services or volunteering time to nonprofit organizations the business aligns with. Customers often feel more loyalty to businesses who support nonprofits, and helping animal welfare organizations is a great way to show your customers you care.

Supporting nonprofits matters

By supporting animal welfare organizations, your brand shows its caring and compassionate side, which is important to many consumers. In fact consumers overwhelmingly spend time researching businesses before they make a purchase. Animal lovers look at your website, your social media and your brand’s online image before committing to a purchase.

Show you care through PR

Supporting animal welfare nonprofits is a great way to show you care, but what’s also important is that prospective customers associate your brand with the nonprofits you assist. While offering a financial donation to an organization is commendable, if no one knows you are doing it, you might miss an opportunity to attract potential like-minded customers.  An experienced animal welfare public relations firm like Orange Orchard PR is poised to draw attention to your brand through its targeted PR strategies.

Animal welfare is gaining interest

COVID-19 has ravaged countries and led to more than 471,000 deaths worldwide. But amid this tragedy, the pandemic has also raised awareness of the treatment of farmed and wild animals. The wet markets in China, where it is believed COVID-19 may have originated, sold live and dead wild animals along with typical produce and animals raised for food. The wild animals and farmed animals suffer greatly in cramped, unsanitary conditions, often in great pain. The world was made aware of the suffering during the pandemic and some changes are being made.

As a result of the pandemic, animal welfare is in the spotlight, and businesses supporting groups who aim to help animals will need an experienced animal welfare public relations agency like Orange Orchard to increase their visibility. Call us at 865-977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online to learn how we can increase your bottom line.