It’s no secret that social media has not only changed the way we interact with our friends and family, it’s also changed the way we do business.

Social media is especially effective as a means to promote services that used to be spread more by word of mouth since it is now one of the main ways in which people socialize, chat and distribute information.

As a result, your destination should employ an effective ecotourism public relations strategy that includes a social media plan that starts conversations, builds relationships and provides useful information to potential travelers.

Start a conversation

While ecotourism has been on the rise since the 1980s, according to a Greener Ideal survey, it is still a relatively new type of tourism that can benefit from further explanation.

By taking to your company’s blogs and social media channels, you can use your expertise and experience to explain the benefits of this sustainable form of travel. And, because social media is interactive, don’t be afraid to answer questions and provide links that further explain how ecotravel can foster a travel’s growth while protecting human impact on the earth.

Write eco-friendly content

As a business owner, you’ve heard that, in marketing and advertising, content is king. The same is true of ecotourism PR.

But, unlike ads, the content you write should be more about building relationships that are as sustainable as your travel packages. Instead of simply selling your services, you should create a bond with potential travelers by providing them with information and tips that they can use to educate themselves and their traveling companions.

By creating e-books, newsletters, videos, image galleries and blog posts that can be linked on your social media and shared, you are not only educating a new generation of travelers but promoting good will as a helpful educator.

Build a community

Within every community – from your local neighborhood to your workplace to your social circle –  are people with varying degrees of knowledge and experiences. Your social network should be no different.

By providing eco-friendly content, you can help build a community where the conversations you start are discussed between enlightened eco-travelers and those who are beginning their journeys. Creating a community builds a sense of family and trust and fosters conversation between travelers no matter where they are on their voyage.

At Orange Orchard, we are committed to protecting the environment and becoming better stewards of our world. We understand your mission and want to help you promote those goals. Our experts can help you shape your content and focus your public relations strategy. Call us today at (865) 977-1973 and start building your ecotourism company.