Consumers don’t want animals to suffer for the sake of fashion. A growing number of fashion brands are recognizing this and putting the idea into practice. Companies that don’t are going to be left behind.

If your company is considering making the leap that luxury like Gucci have already taken, partnering with a cruelty-free public relations can help increase your visibility with the growing audience of consumers looking for compassionate products.

Writing in The New Daily, Kirstie Clements documents the changing landscape of the fashion industry:

Thankfully, many of the top fashion houses are putting an end to the business of real fur for good, with brands such as Gucci, Versace, Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger all committing to being fur-free, a move that is in step with the more ethical practices that the fashion industry are currently adopting. Designer Stella McCartney, given the legacy of her vegetarian mother Linda, has always been anti-fur and leather.

Calvin Klein has been fur-free since 1994, and we will undoubtedly see less and less use of exotic skins in the near future by designers worldwide.

Public Relations Support

As more brands make the no-fur choice, it will take more effort for new entrants to distinguish themselves. That’s where Orange Orchard, an experience cruelty-free PR agency, can help.

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