A website often serves as the front desk or first impression when potential donors, supporters or customers are conducting research on organizations. Serving as a hub for visitors seeking to learn more about a company, its missions, or products, websites must be easy to navigate and offer the information being sought out.

Working with a skilled animal welfare PR partner can give you the tips and feedback needed to help your website attract supporters and help to keep your team focused on what they do best.

Fortifying blogs with linked keywords and original content is a great way to direct traffic to your organization’s site. Placement in industry publications and mentions on social media are also a great way to drive traffic back to your site – these wins can also help build trust and recognition within your market.

Sharing your company news on your site is also a great way to increase your search engine relevance while also legitimizing your brand. Have you recently been honored with an important industry award? Any new partnerships blossoming and ready for an announcement? If that news isn’t being positioned in a professionally written press release, it may be worth considering doing so and sharing the news on your site.

It’s a best practice to have a news section or tab for the purpose of organizing the site.

Working closely with team of brand-building pros like the animal welfare PR pros at Orange Orchard is a great way to ensure your website is being used to its fullest potential. Developing a strategy for content sharing on the site in addition to a experience-backed media outreach plan will ensure that your organization remains top of mind for your audience.

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