From the shelves of your local retailer to organic fresh food startups delivering vegan ingredients straight to your kitchen, the plant-based industry is booming across several popular consumer categories. Both startups and established brands are entering this relatively new, yet competitive space. From a branding standpoint, you might be trying to figure out how to create demand among consumers, as well as retailers, for your plant-based product.

Google Trends shows a massive 90 percent increase in ‘vegan’ searches. The internet is the first stop for many when it comes to researching vegan lifestyles, and data released by Google Trends shows a huge leap in the number of searches for ‘vegan’ over the past three years. Several traditional brands and startups in the space have seen success in marketing new products through public relations tactics. Check out these brands that have taken traditional products and made plant-based and cruelty-free versions and are currently changing the industry:

Cosmetics and Personal Care: Hello oral care products are made in the U.S., contain 100 percent vegan ingredients and the company doesn’t test any of its products on animals. Hello is a brand to watch as the company continues to launch new products.

Tom’s of Maine launched in 1970 with the objective to minimize environmental impact while providing health benefits. Today, co-founders Tom and Kate Chappell are working diligently to provide consumers with oral care, lip care, body care, and baby care that work effectively while only using ingredients derived from plants and minerals.

Cleaning Supplies: Cleaning products for your home like Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, and Seventh Generation have successfully gained a good chunk of market share from big corporate names. These plant-based home cleaning supplies are interesting in a lot of ways and continue to serve the consumer with non-toxic options. Seventh Generation, a certified B Corporation, has been creating plant-based solutions for the home for 28 years.

Wine: Many vegan wines are available. Vegan Vine is family owned, certified sustainable, and estate grown.

So how do you educate consumers, achieve growth, and leverage ‘earned media’ for your products? Contact Ripley PR to help you generate some buzz about your vegan brand.