There are plenty of benefits that a construction company that focuses on green building practices can offer: energy efficiency, less strain on local resources and environmentally friendly materials to name a few. But, do you know the benefits of green construction public relations agency? Well, there are plenty of those, too, but I’ll just focus on three.

Benefits of public relations

  • Increased credibility: One of the main goals of a public relations agency like Orange Orchard is to create top-of-mind awareness of our clients. We know you’re doing amazing things, and we want to make sure your local market, industry and well, the world knows it, too. Our talented team of PR professionals know how to help you promote the work you’re doing. In fact, we specialize in securing media opportunities in print, radio and on TV for our clients.
  • Creative content: I mentioned we have a talented group of PR professionals, but our content team does great work, too. We can put together a content strategy that will help you craft and hone your message. From blog posts to the perfect tweet, strong content can help you tell your story as well as position you as a knowledgeable expert in the industry. Speaking of tweets …
  • Savvy social media: Social media is a driving force in business, and it can be time consuming to handle the interaction on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Social media involvement can ramp up your potential, though, so it shouldn’t be neglected. Your PR firm can also help you deal with negative reviews.

Let us help you spread your message

Every day, we’re helping tell clients’ stories and boost their businesses. From media outreach to case studies and white papers, our team knows how to build brand awareness for your company. We applaud your green construction efforts, and we want to help you tell the world about them. Contact Orange Orchard today, and let us get started.