Your non-profit is doing great work for animals, but you’re not getting the traction you feel you deserve; animal welfare public relations can help.

A team like Orange Orchard can get you coverage at a local and national level. Whether it’s commenting on a news story, or sharing organizational announcements, it all plays a part in driving attention to your initiatives.

Stories and Sources

Through public relations, paying attention to trends and coming up with story ideas to comment on is topical way to get your animal welfare organization good publicity. If a reporter picks up the idea, it can turn into a feature on your foundation. By pursuing earned media placement like this, it allows people to see what you’re about without sounding like an infomercial.

Your company’s spokesperson or expert can also appear as a source on other news stories not focused on your non-profit. If a local aquarium or zoo has animals in harsh conditions, or a national reporter is looking for story ideas for animal conservation, the right PR team will stay on top of this and get you involved in the story.

By contributing as a source, you can get organic attention to get people searching for your site and initiatives to help the animals.

Organization News Outreach

A group like The Orangutan Project provides a great example of this. The group was able to get coverage on a national level in People with the news of releasing two orangutans back into the wild.

This coverage allows more publicity of your brand/cause to more donors, the public and can get more individuals checking out the initiatives of the project.

An experienced public relations team can help you determine what should be news and what shouldn’t. Perhaps what you think is news would be best served as a blog post, but a team like Orange Orchard can help determine that course of action.

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