As a result of the supply chain failure of 2022 and the growing interest in consumers who want eco-friendly products, green technology is expected to reach $99.6 billion by 2029.

If these numbers continue to hold, it stands to reason that your green tech company will face some stiff competition from competitors who are vying to succeed in similar markets.

That means you need something to make you stand out from your peers that showcases your company’s unique culture and personality along with your products or service.

And, green tech public relations is the best way to build the kind of awareness needed to exceed your company’s expectations. It’s an effective way to generate valuable earned media and word-of-mouth advertising that your competitors can’t get from paid marketing.

Publicity Doesn’t Just Happen

If you’ve ever wondered why it is that some company spokespeople seem to always find their way onto TV interviews or why their opinions are sought out by reporters, chances are the answer is public relations.

PR is the art of building relationships and those include a rapport with news and trade journalists. It’s an association that requires ongoing and consistent nurturing.

This goes for your online presence, as well. If you aren’t engaging with your community on social media or on your company’s website via blog posts, you’re leaving a lot of positive interactions off the table.

Building Earned Media

Your local ad salesman doesn’t want you to know this but the average consumer simply trusts publicity garnered from third-party reports far more than it does from commercials. Earned media – or media generated by a third party and not through advertising  – should be a goal in every business’s marketing plan.

Earned media generates goodwill as it boosts awareness about your company.

If your company has hired a new C-Suite official, is volunteering at the local shelter or you’re expanding your warehouse, let the media know. You should also share this information on your social media channels and your company blog.

It’s crucial that you create fresh content and stay visible in the community on a regular basis. This ongoing visibility helps you rise above your competition so that your company name is synonymous with your product or service. Kleenex, anyone?

But, creating content or understanding news cycles might be outside of your expertise. You want to concentrate on improving your green product or perfecting your eco-friendly service.

Orange Orchard understands.

Our team of professional writers and media relations experts can not only help you develop fresh content but can reach out to the media on your behalf. If you’re ready to rise above the competition with a good green tech PR strategy, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online today.