The impact you have as an animal welfare group is worth every ounce of effort. Every dollar raised, volunteer recruited, federal bill championed and so on leads to an animal rescued. And no matter the size of your organization, your voice can be loud.

Through animal welfare public relations, earned media raises your voice to its full volume, garnering the attention your mission seeks and deserves.

Spread your news

Your target audience is more likely to get involved with your initiatives if they can consistently see the good you’re doing. Through a well-crafted press release developed and pitched by a team of PR pros, your animal welfare wins can be shared with the media you want to target most, ultimately spreading to the right audience.

Create loyalty

An animal welfare PR agency like Orange Orchard knows your target audience and what media they pay attention to. When your brand is visible in those media outlets, you are creating loyalty with your target audience, making you top-of-mind when they’re considering brands to support.

Become a thought leader

Earned media opportunities like blog posts, podcast interviews and articles generate thought leadership, making you a go-to expert on animal welfare. Through this earned media, you can engage with the public and generate conversations around your mission.

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