In a crowded market that is getting more competitive every day, how can your vegan brand capture the attention of plant-based consumers? It’s not as simple as buying ads and having an attractive logo. While those will absolutely help promote your product, creating a top-rated brand takes a carefully planned-out and monitored strategy.

While buying ads is how many plant-based brands start out, it can only get them so far. What really makes a difference is working with a plant-based public relations firm like Orange Orchard. Public relations works by positioning your brand as the best-in-class, and makes sure your target audience thinks of your brand when making vegan purchasing decisions.

How can PR help your plant-based brand stand out?

PR builds your reputation
One thing that consumers pay attention to is your brand’s reputation. According to a survey by Oberlo, 85% of consumers research a company online before making any purchasing decisions. A quick Google search shows what customers are saying about a brand, and employing expert plant-based PR tactics can have a positive effect on what people see first.

PR can position you as a go-to expert
People believe news stories and interviews far more than they believe advertisements. PR positions clients as well-respected authorities in their industry by obtaining news interviews and respected speaking engagements. There are so many brands clamoring for attention in the plant-based food market, that visibility as an industry expert is key.

PR can enhance your social media campaigns
PR and social media are a great combination, and when handled by a plant-based specialty PR firm, your social media can reach new and target audiences better. PR experts know what your audience is craving and can deliver because they know what to post, when to post and where to post. As part of an overall PR plan, social media can be a great way to reach more like-minded customers.

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