Cruelty-free products are everywhere you look. From cosmetics to clothing to food, brands are touting their vegan and cruelty-free goods to like-minded consumers at a ground-breaking pace.

With the race to get their products in front of the consumer, many brands will be fighting for the same customers with minimal results. Only a cruelty-free public relations firm like Orange Orchard has the expertise to get your brand the coverage it needs to outshine the competition.

Cruelty-free public relations makes a difference in whether your brand thrives or just survives.

  • PR can differentiate your product from the rest

With cosmetics, the global market for cruelty-free products is expected to reach $10 billion by 2024. Our professional writers and cruelty-free experts will create a targeted plan to attract consumers to your brand’s key selling points.

  • PR exposes your brand to more consumers

PR is all about visibility. It’s nice to be on a cruelty-free list, but cruelty-free products are going mainstream, and limiting your brand won’t cut it.

  • PR presents your brand as the expert

Credibility means everything in an industry like cruelty-free products. We know how to position your brand as the authority in this category, based on years of influence with cruelty-free and vegan industry leaders.

  • PR increases your reach through earned media

Advertising is costly, and most savvy consumers distrust advertisements. Orange Orchard gets your brand in publications and in the news through our fine-tuned relationships with cruelty-free industry media.

  • PR helps your brand succeed with storytelling

Storytelling is at the very core of public relations, and Orange Orchard’s industry experts are known for writing animal-friendly content that draws audiences in, helping create a unique and effective sales funnel.

To learn more about Orange Orchard and how our team of experts can create a targeted PR plan for your cruelty-free brand, call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online for more information.