Using PR to promote green tech advances in leisure activities

As an adjective, “green” means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it means being mindful of the environmental effects of the minutiae of life. For others, it means ensuring the production of sustainable materials.

What people don’t always associate the idea with is luxury. And, although luxury and leisure brands aren’t the first to come to mind as green, entrepreneurs are beginning to focus their efforts on bringing the benefits of sustainable technology to those sectors.

With Orange Orchard as a green tech public relations partner, luxury and leisure brands can appeal to changing customer sentiments by promoting their innovations in sustainable technology.

Bringing Green Tech to the Mountains and Sea

For example, Checkerspot, a biotech company in Berkeley, California, is developing new technology to construct skis out of a material based on algae oil:

The Intention 110 is just the beginning for WNDR Alpine. While different shapes and models are in its future, the company has already begun testing new ways to eliminate other fossil fuel-derived polyurethane products within ski construction, to both improve performance and sustainability. Additionally, the team has ambitious plans to reverse mold skis at the end of their life cycle—currently, there are three to four million pairs of skis produced each year, all of which eventually find their way to a landfill.

Meanwhile, Nobiskrug, a German giant in luxury yacht manufacturing, is focusing on remaking an industry that is sometimes more associated with conspicuous consumption as a model of sustainability:

Another disparagement to the notion of green yachting is the idea that the term is an oxymoron; that yachting, by its very nature, is not green. Whilst many industry members have conceded the truth of this statement but defended the validity of slow and incremental effort, Holger’s optimism is infectious: “We believe yachting can be green,” he asserts, “With the developments in solar power and electric propulsion, it is perfectly feasible that there will come a time not long from now when yachts have drastically reduced their carbon footprints, and their impact on the oceans is minimal.”

Creating a Green PR Toolkit

Sustainability matters to modern consumers. If your luxury or leisure brand is ready to redefine itself by promoting its adoption of green technology, Orange Orchard can help. Our team of green tech public relations experts can develop and implement the strategies that will get your story out to the audience that matters. Contact us online or at 865-977-1973.