Whether it’s a trend or a movement, the plant-based and vegan industry is becoming a major player in society today. A recent Barclays report estimates the market for alternative meat could reach $140 billion over the next 10 years, which means the animal-free industry could equal about 10% of the global meat industry.

Think about that last statistic. Ten percent is a sizeable portion of the market. But, with the plant-based and vegan industry expected to continue growing, how do you avoid being lost in the shuffle? Why, by working with a plant-based and vegan public relations agency, of course.

Why is PR important?

When an industry is on an upswing like this, everyone wants a piece of the action, which makes a solid public relations campaign even more important. Here are three reasons you need to get started now:

  • Social platform: Creating a strong social media presence is incredibly important to raising brand awareness of your plant-based and vegan company. Social media involvement can ramp up your potential and increase knowledge of your company. A PR agency like Orange Orchard can help you showcase products, highlight employees and create open dialogue with customers. Our team is also ready to help you deal with negative reviews, should they occur.
  • Media exposure: Our team is also skilled at garnering news coverage for our clients. Whether on a national or local level, stories in the media increases brand awareness and attention from the public. Continued interaction with media outlets builds your credibility.
  • Content strategies: A good PR agency can also help you create a strong content plan. This could include social posts, website blogs and guest columns for publications. Solid content will help you be viewed as an expert in your field

Reach out today

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